United Church of Atwood

                        Where Jesus Christ is Lord 
                                  and every member is a minister!

Support our January Mission

Habitat for Humanity
This mission effort is supported by your free-will contributions! Please give today!

All Church Breakfast

The Men's Fellowship meets the third Sunday of each month for breakfast at 7:00 a.m. in the fellowship hall.  All the men of the church are invited to join us for breakfast, and invite a friend. On Sunday, January 20, the men's fellowship will be hosting an ALL CHURCH BREAKFAST at 8:30, in lieu of their breakfast! Please come, AND BRING A FRIEND!


The Christian Education Ministry Team is 

asking church members to please donate

school supplies again this year for the AHGS. 

A  list of supplies needed is posted on the 

bulletin board and a box with a big yellow 

school bus is under the table to place the 

supplies. When  the box is full it will be taken to 

the school and then filled again.

            A big thank you to everyone who 

supports this important project.

A Bible Reading Program for All Believers

The Atwood - Hammond Food Pantry continues to need additional supplies in this season of the year. Suppies needed currently include:

Saltine Crackers        Tomato Juice

Bar Soap                    Chili Beans

Bath Hand Soap         Shampoo

Peanut Butter             Laundry Detergent

Jelly (Any Variety)      Instant Oatmeal

Dish Soap                  Flour and Sugar Paper supplies (paper towels, toilet tissue,

Kleenex, etc) Cleaning supplies, Laundry Detergent are always welcome!  

(Please no green beans or corn for now!)

A Bible Reading Program for All Believers

By reading the Psalms, we work on our relationship with God! By reading the Proverbs, we work on our relationship with each other!

On each day of the month, read the corresponding chapter in the book of Proverbs (e.g. today is the 20 of March, and so you would read the 20th chapter of Proverbs). By doing so, in a normal month, you would read through the entire book of Proverbs each month.

On each day of the month, read the corresponding chapter in the book of Psalms, and each 30th chapter as well (e.g. today is March 20, and so you would read the 26th Psalm, and also Psalm 50, 80, 110, 140 – tomorrow- Psalm 21, 51, 81, 111,141) By doing so, you will read the entire book of Psalms each month.


"Shawls . . . made for centuries universal and embracing, symbolic of an unconditionally loving God. They wrap, enfold, comfort, cover, give solace, mother, hug, shelter and beautify." 

Requests for a prayer shawl may be made 

through any member of the congregation or 

through the church office. Each shawl is lifted 

in prayer during a worship service before they 

are taken to those for whom we are praying


 A list of tasks which are in need of doing will be 

listed by the Trustees, and individuals and 

groups will be able to sign up to perform said 

tasks. For more information, contact one of the 

Trustees. ( Stan Harris, Eugene Simpson, Norm Willoughby, Roy Elmore, Scott Harris, Ellen Lynch)